honestly embarassed

This year has been a long year of internet and VPN issues, but I finally have gotten decent internet in my apartment. A lot has happened since the last time I’ve written, and you can definitely tell if you keep up with my social media (which I’m still a little lazy on too).

Coming to China, I thought I was going to be a dedicated, consistent blogger, but life happens. I don’t remember the last weekend I didn’t have something to do. It’s all good things, but sometimes I need to find rest in the chaos. I just wish I would’ve kept up with my blog better.

We’re in the middle of the spring semester right now, and I think we’re all feeling it. The weather is starting to get really toasty which means the sunbrellas are back. My kids are starting to get a little lazy, and I’m not about it. I’ve been trying to create good content to teach them, but I think we’re all a little too ready for summer.

Last semester they were just getting comfortable with me, but now maybe they’re a little too comfortable with me. I think it’s hard to distinguish the line between being their teacher in the school day and being their friend on the weekends especially since I’m so close in age with them. They aren’t bad by any means, they’re just students ready for a break. I feel that completely. Two months until summer break, and I’ll be back in the states!

Abigail Cooper