metros with yaya

the normal reaction I get when they find out I’m american

the normal reaction I get when they find out I’m american

Any time I’m out in the city I’m normally with another American. Chinese people are fascinated by Americans. They want to improve their English with native speakers. Sometimes they try to sneak pictures of us, but other times they are pretty obvious about it. It’s kind of funny actually. One time this lady moved seats on the metro to get a better photo of us.

Normally the Chinese people first notice the white American I’m with, but once they hear my voice their attention is completely on me. They ask me questions in Chinese, and I have to go through the same adoption spiel over and over. Usually a younger college aged person translates it for the older people on the metro. They laugh at me or with me I’m really not sure. There’s lots of smiles though.

Every single time I’ve been on the metro I’ve made friends. It never fails. I think I’ve made more friends on the metro than any other place in China.

I’m excited for all the friendships I’ve made so far and all the friendships I will make in the future.

Abigail Cooper